5 Fun Tag Games for Kids Parties

Summer is coming, which is great because you’ll have lots of chances to get together with your family for various events like picnics and kids parties.

When you have these gatherings, it’s good to have simple activities ready for your little ones.

A game like Tag is perfect because it doesn’t need much preparation or extra items.

Here are five fun versions of Tag that you can play with them and everyone will have a good time!

tag game for kids parties

Amoeba Tag

You start by picking two little ones to be “it.” They hold hands and chase the others.

When they tag someone, that player joins the chain by holding hands with one of them.

This group continues to chase the rest.

As more players are tagged, they keep adding to the chain, forming a long “amoeba.”

The chain can choose to stay together or split into pairs. If a pair splits off, they go on to chase and tag other players on their own.

The game goes on until everyone is tagged and part of an amoeba chain.

Then, the game restarts with a new pair as the “it” group.

Ball Tag

ball tag game

You choose one child to start as “It.”

They get a soft ball, like the kind you find in grocery stores, to make sure no one gets hurt. “It” tries to hit another player with the ball.

When someone is hit, they become the new “It.” They then take the ball and continue the game by trying to hit others.

Freeze Tag

This is a classic game that lots of kids love. To play, you pick one kid to be “It.”

This person runs around trying to tag the other players.

When someone gets tagged, they have to freeze in place and can’t move.

However, the other players can unfreeze someone by touching them, allowing them to run again.

The game continues until everyone has been frozen.

Then, you choose a new “It” and start the game over.

Mosquito Tag

mosquito tag game

Pick one grandchild to start as “It.”

Hand them a pool noodle, which they hold to their forehead like a mosquito’s proboscis.

The “It” chases the other players around, trying to tag someone with the pool noodle.

When a player is tagged, they take the pool noodle, place it on their forehead, and become the new “It,” continuing to chase the others.

Elbow Tag

Like each one before it starts by choosing one kid to be “It” and another to be the runner.

Have the other grandchildren pair up and link elbows.

If the numbers aren’t even, a trio can form by linking elbows together.

Everyone should stand in a circle. The game begins with “It” chasing the runner. To escape, the runner can approach any pair and link elbows with one of them.

The person on the other side of the pair then becomes the new runner, and “It” must chase them instead.

If “It” manages to tag the runner, the roles switch: the runner becomes “It” and the former “It” becomes the runner, continuing the chase.

For extra fun, especially with more players, try having two people be “It” and two as runners at the same time!