About Us

At KickTheCan.info, we are your ultimate guide to reliving the joy and excitement of outdoor children’s games. Our mission is to reignite the passion for traditional play, teaching new generations the rules, techniques, and fun facts about games that have been cherished for years.

Our Journey

KickTheCan.info was born from a shared nostalgia and passion for outdoor activities by our founders, Lily Torres and Julissa Morgan, and their interest in creating beautiful memories with their children.

As adults, they noticed a decline in knowledge and enthusiasm for these games among children, prompting them to start this blog. Their goal? To keep the spirit of these games alive and kicking!

What We Offer

Our website is packed with easy-to-follow game rules, exciting “how-to” guides, and intriguing fun facts to engage children and parents alike.

We also spotlight record holders and offer tips on how to become a backyard game champion yourself!

Meet the Team

Lily Torres

Lily brings her extensive background in childhood education to develop engaging content that is both informative and easy to understand. Her expertise ensures that every article not only teaches the rules but also educates on the skills developed through these games.

Julissa Morgan

Julissa’s passion for community engagement shines as she spearheads our efforts to interact with readers through social media and live events. She loves sharing stories and photos from families who have brought our game ideas to life.

Join Our Community

KickTheCan.info is more than just a blog; it’s a community of enthusiasts and young adventurers.

Your stories, feedback, and enthusiasm for outdoor play inspire us every day. Join us as we explore the fun and excitement of outdoor children’s games and share these timeless activities with a new generation.

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