Creative Hopscotch Variations for Schoolyards

Creative Hopscotch Variations for Schoolyards

Hopscotch is a classic playground game that never gets old, but adding a few creative twists can make it even more exciting! Here’s how to spice up hopscotch for schoolyards with fun and innovative variations.   What You Need Hopscotch Grids: Use chalk to draw traditional or creative hopscotch patterns on the playground. Markers: Anything … Read more

Hopscotch Rules – How to Play and Win

how to play hopscotch

Hopscotch is a popular game for kids of all ages and can be spiced up for older kids too. It’s easy to learn and never gets boring because there are so many ways to play. If your kids are just starting out, you can teach them the basic rules of hopscotch. Once they get the … Read more