Editorial Policy

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive, accurate, and engaging content that includes game rules, how-to guides, fun facts, and records to encourage active play and learning.

Content Standards

All content, especially game rules and records, must be thoroughly researched and verified. Our team consults reputable sources and experts in children’s games and physical education to maintain accuracy.

Content is reviewed by a team of editors with experience in child education and outdoor activities before publication to ensure it meets our educational and engagement standards.

Sources are cited clearly, allowing readers to verify the origin of the information. This is crucial for historical facts and records.

Ethics and Legal Compliance

We adhere to a strict no-plagiarism policy. All content must be original or properly credited.

Contributors must disclose any potential conflicts of interest, such as affiliations with toy or game manufacturers.

We respect the privacy of our readers and comply with applicable data protection laws, especially in handling information from minors.

Corrections and Transparency

We commit to correcting any inaccuracies swiftly and transparently, with corrections noted clearly on the content page.

Readers are encouraged to report potential errors or concerns via our contact form, and we are committed to reviewing and responding promptly.

Content Updates and Archival

Rules and guides are periodically reviewed and updated to reflect new insights or changes in game play. Updates are clearly dated and documented.

Historical versions of game rules and records are preserved for reference, with explanations provided for significant changes.

Authorship and Contributor Guidelines

Contributors are typically experts in physical education, child development, or similar fields.

We expect all contributors to follow our content standards and ethical guidelines.

Advertising and Sponsored Content

Any sponsored content will be clearly marked as such to distinguish it from editorial content.

We accept advertising that is appropriate for a family-friendly audience and directly related to children’s activities and education.