Setting Up Four Square Courts: A Guide

Four square is a popular playground game that encourages quick thinking and even quicker moves!

Here’s how to set up a four square court in your school or community space to keep kids engaged and active.

set up a square game court

What You Need:

  • Chalk or Paint: To mark the court on pavement or a hard surface.
  • Measuring Tape: To ensure all squares are equal in size.
  • Four Square Ball: A bouncy rubber ball, typically about the size of a soccer ball.

How to Set Up:

  1. Choose a Location: Find a flat, hard surface like a school playground or a community park.
  2. Measure and Mark the Court: Use your measuring tape to create a large square that’s typically 10 feet on each side. Divide this into four equal smaller squares.
  3. Number the Squares: Label each smaller square from one to four. The numbers can dictate where players stand or how they rotate.
  4. Review the Rules: Make sure everyone knows the rules before starting, like how to serve the ball and how to avoid fouls.

Four Square Rules:

four kids play four square game

  • Serving: The player in square four serves the ball by bouncing it in their square and tapping it into another square.
  • Playing: Players must tap the ball into another player’s square after it bounces once in their own square.
  • Out: If a player fails to hit the ball into another square, hits it out of bounds, or the ball bounces twice in their square, they’re out.
  • Rotation: Players who are out move to the lowest numbered square, and all other players move up to fill the empty spots.

Tips for a Fun Four Square Game:

  • Use Different Balls: Try using different types of balls for added challenge or to accommodate younger players.
  • Adjust the Square Size: Depending on the age and skill level of players, you might adjust the square sizes.
  • Keep Spare Chalk or Paint: Always have extra on hand for touch-ups if the lines start to fade.
  • Encourage Fair Play: Remind players about sportsmanship and encourage fair play to keep the game enjoyable for everyone.

Setting up a four square court is simple and provides endless hours of fun, strategy and physical activity.

Whether at school, a park, or a community event, four square is a fantastic way to foster teamwork and physical fitness among kids of all ages.

Ready to play? Grab your ball and let’s go!