Setting Up Four Square Courts: A Guide

how to set up four square court

Four square is a popular playground game that encourages quick thinking and even quicker moves! Here’s how to set up a four square court in your school or community space to keep kids engaged and active. What You Need: Chalk or Paint: To mark the court on pavement or a hard surface. Measuring Tape: To … Read more

Creative Hopscotch Variations for Schoolyards

Creative Hopscotch Variations for Schoolyards

Hopscotch is a classic playground game that never gets old, but adding a few creative twists can make it even more exciting! Here’s how to spice up hopscotch for schoolyards with fun and innovative variations.   What You Need Hopscotch Grids: Use chalk to draw traditional or creative hopscotch patterns on the playground. Markers: Anything … Read more