Easy Guide to Playing Tag – Rules and Variations

Playing tag is super fun and easy! Here’s a simple guide on how to play, so you can start having fun right away.

Easy Tag - Rules and Variations Infographic

Basic Rules of Tag:

  1. Choose the “It”: Start by deciding who will be “It.” This person has to chase the others around.
  2. Start the Game: “It” counts to a number (like 10) with their eyes closed at the base while everyone else hides or runs away.
  3. Run and Dodge: If you’re not “It,” run around and try not to get touched by “It.”
  4. Tagging: If “It” touches you, you shout “Tag! I’m It!” Now, you’re the new “It,” and you have to chase the others.
  5. Keep Playing: Keep playing and switching “Its” until everyone is tired or you decide to stop and play another game.

Fun Variations of Tag:

reverse tag play

  • Freeze Tag: When “It” tags you, you have to freeze and stand still. You can only move again if another player tags you to unfreeze you.
  • Shadow Tag: Instead of tagging by touching, “It” tries to step on your shadow. When your shadow is tagged, you become “It.”
  • Chain Tag: When you’re tagged, hold hands with “It” and keep tagging others. The chain gets longer as more people are tagged.
  • Reverse Tag: Everyone tries to touch “It,” and when you tag them, you say, “Tag, you’re not it!” and run away. The game ends when “It” tags someone, making them the new “It.”
  • Animal Tag: Each player acts like a different animal. When “It” tags you, you act out your animal until someone else is tagged. Animal theme is most popular at birthday parties.

Tips for Playing Tag:

animal tag play

  • Stay Safe: Make sure to play in a safe area where you can run freely without any dangerous obstacles.
  • Wear Comfy Clothes: It’s easier to move and have fun when you’re wearing comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • Play Fair: No cheating! Make sure everyone has a chance to be “It” and play the game right.
  • Have Fun: The most important part of playing tag is to have lots of fun and laugh with your friends!

Now that you know how to play tag and some cool ways to change it up, grab your friends and start playing!

Remember, the goal is to have fun and enjoy the game together. Happy tagging!