5 Fun Tag Games for Kids Parties

tag games for kids

Summer is coming, which is great because you’ll have lots of chances to get together with your family for various events like picnics and kids parties. When you have these gatherings, it’s good to have simple activities ready for your little ones. A game like Tag is perfect because it doesn’t need much preparation or … Read more

Kickball Rules – The Complete Guide

kickball kids

Today, I’ll be walking you through the exciting game of kickball, a favorite among kids and adults alike. Kickball bears a resemblance to baseball in terms of structure—it involves two teams, one ball, and four bases: home plate, first base, second base, and third base. The game starts with a player kicking the ball from … Read more

Four Square Rules and Winning Strategies


Four square is a fun game where you hit a ball into other players’ squares while trying not to break the rules. To start, the server bounces the ball once to themselves and then serves it underhand to someone else’s square. Everyone needs to hit the ball into another square each time it comes to … Read more

9 Fun Facts About Jump Rope History: From Egypt to Modern Competitions

jump rope history

Jump rope, or as it’s known in some countries, rope skipping, is more than just a playground pastime. Its origins and evolution are as dynamic as the activity itself. Let’s jump right into some fun and historical facts about this engaging sport for adults and children also. 1. Ancient Beginnings Did you know that jump … Read more

Hopscotch Rules – How to Play and Win

how to play hopscotch

Hopscotch is a popular game for kids of all ages and can be spiced up for older kids too. It’s easy to learn and never gets boring because there are so many ways to play. If your kids are just starting out, you can teach them the basic rules of hopscotch. Once they get the … Read more